Telecommunications and ICTs continue to be the driving force behind the current development towards the Information Society and Knowledge of our country. The aim of this conference is to reflect and report by first-hand the status of infrastructure, services and innovative projects that provide ICT and technology in general. You must have the necessary knowledge to make decisions that will more efficiently manage and better services. We are aware that it is essential to encourage the criteria at the time of channeling future investment, share solutions with government and prospects for future professionals.

Today, have good facilities and optimum infrastructure should be possible for all regions and groups. The solutions of access to information and new applications are transforming service management processes. Being more efficient, significantly improve operations and provide greater value possible, if you know and use, properly, the tools that technology provides us.

This event took place on the 24th of Janury at the Hall of Lleida Provincial Council. Gabriel Anzaldi, Head of the Smart Management Systems Unit of Eurecat, talked about the new emerging ICT technologies and future innovations

Here you can get the DIPTIC of the event