Last 20th and 21st of September, WatERP and WIDEST partners have participated in the Hydro-Domain Working Group workshop. This workshop was aimed at establishing next steps in the development of the Open geospatial Consortium with the focus on the hydrologic standards. The workshop discussed current stage and needs of the hydrologic architecture (REST SOS and WPS), markup languages (WaterML2.0, GroundwaterML, TimeseriesML, etc.) and semantic models (HY_Features) with special emphasis on real-demonstration.

In detail, WatERP/WIDEST projects have presented lessons learned and recommendations to the HY_Features. These aspects were derived from the mappings between HY_Features and the water management ontology, and their interaction with the Open Management Platform (OMP).

WatERP/WIDEST partners have exchanged lived experiences with the rest of the OGC members in order to establish future standard development lines at short-midterm.