On June 3rd, WIDEST partners participated in the Hydro DWG session. This session was motivated by the establishment of near-future steps in regards to the OGC standardization, OGC best practices and OGC-Test-Beds. In detail, the meeting was focused on evaluating the plans and progress of HY_Features, Groundwater IE (Evaluation of the progress report), TestBed 11 “High resolution Flood Information Scenario Engineering Report”, WaterML2.0 part2 (RestFul API and JSON) and Timeseries ML.

During this session, the WatERP project (member of the ICT4Water cluster) was mentioned during the HY_Features presentation as a lived experience of the use of the HY_Features semantic model inside the developed water management ontology, interacting with the Open Management Platform (OMP). Details of the session including discussions, arrangements and the presentations can be found at the OGC-WIKI page.