As a CSA, WIDEST is going to implement a series of coordination and support actions that will benefit several EU funded projects. WatERP (318603) is one of those projects which has already benefited from WIDEST activities.

In March, a networking session took place in Brussels. Thanks to this session, which was chaired by WIDEST Project, WatERP was invited to participate in the kick-off meeting of KINDRA Project on March 26th in Rome. The main objective of KINDRA is to take stock of Europe’s contemporary practical and scientific knowledge of hydrogeology research and innovations with the help of an inventory of research results, activities, projects and prgrammes, and the use the inventory to identify critical research challenges and gaps, with a view of avoiding overlaps.

In the framework of this meeting, WatERP presented the taxonomy and the ontology produced within the Project in order to collaborate for the achievement of KINDRA's objectives.